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County Card

The County Card Scheme – A Route to Golf at Competitive Rates

The national County Card Scheme began in 2006 with just a few clubs in the Midland Counties taking part.

There are now 34 participating Counties and almost 1500 Clubs nationwide prepared to offer visiting card holders golf at reduced rates.

NOTE: Some counties issue a book and some counties issue a card. They are effectively the same thing. SHUGC issue a card.


Every member of an affiliated golf club in Shropshire and Herefordshire who is over the age of 18 and pays an affiliation fee to SHUGC is entitled to a Shropshire & Herefordshire County card free of charge . 


Participating clubs offer county card holders golf at reduced rates.  The precise benefits and conditions of play are determined by each club and details can be found on the web-site or by contacting the club directly. Although the card is valid for one round of golf at the participating club, many clubs do welcome return visits.  Again please consult the club direct about this. You may have to provide additional identification in addition to the County card.


Your Club Secretary or Club Manager will give you your card when you have paid your affiliation fee.  

For details of participating Counties, and contact details for participating Clubs click below.



  • Every  member of a SHUGC affiliated Golf Club, over the age of 18 at January 1 st , is required to pay an annual affiliation fee to the county. This affiliation fee is reviewed and agreed annually.
  • In November 2012 the Executive of the Shropshire & Herefordshire Union of Golf Clubs agreed that the ‘SHUGC County Card’ will be provided free of charge to every affiliation fee paying member of an affiliated club. This will be distributed through the Club Secretary/Club Manager of each affiliated Club.
  • The SHUGC County Card will be valid from the 1st April each year until March 31st the following year.
  • A card holder may be required to provide additional identification when using the card.
  • The County card is non-transferable and non -replaceable in any current year.
  • Whilst each participating club of Shropshire & Herefordshire, agrees to accept card holders, the discount and conditions of play offered to non-SHUGC members is entirely at the discretion of the host Club.
  • Discounts and conditions of play should be checked with the host club when arranging a visit.
  • Card holders may play once a year at any of the listed Clubs, albeit many clubs gladly welcome return visits.
  • The County Card is not available to Juniors under the age of 18 at January 1st who do not pay an affiliation fee.

What does it mean for Affiliated Clubs?

  • All affiliated Clubs of the Shropshire & Herefordshire Union of Golf Clubs will receive County Cards for distribution to affiliated members. 
  • The number of cards supplied to each club will be based upon affiliation numbers from the previous year.  Additional cards will be supplied on request but additional Affiliation fees must be paid to the Union.
  • The decision to be a ‘participating Club’ in the National scheme is entirely at the discretion of an individual club. Similarly, the discounts given and conditions of play are at the discretion of a participating club. It is mandatory that all clubs within S.H.U.G.C. participate in the County scheme and offer S.H.U.G.C. members a 50% discount of the 18 hole green fee that applies on the day of your visit.
  • Members aged 18 or over of Affiliated Clubs may use the card.
  • Bookings must be made in advance with the host club. Restrictions on time and day of the week may apply. In general, bookings will not be accepted for weekends or Bank Holidays.
  • Card members must have current handicaps and must agree to be bound by the rules of the club being visited.
  • The County Card may only be used for groups of up to 4 players. It may not be used in connection with larger groups or societies.
  • The County Card must be filled in on the back with the members details and signed by the owner of the card.

We thank all Shropshire & Herefordshire Golf Clubs for their support for this initiative and wish all affiliated members enjoyable golf.

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